About Geolocation

With modern web browsers, it is possible to share your current physical location with a website. If Upweather.com detects this capability, you'll be asked to allow or deny access to your location, so you can immediately get a local forecast. If you choose not to share your location, Upweather will make a rough guess. You can look up the location you really want using keyboard search or by clicking on the map. To re-enable geolocation later you may need to follow the instructions below for your particular web browser.

Re-enabling Geolocation for Firefox 3.5 +

From the Tools menu select Page Info. Choose the Permissions tab and set the Share Location button to Allow.

Re-enabling Geolocation on Safari 5 +

If you allow or disallow geolocation on Safari it will offer to remember your choice for 24 hours.

Re-enabling Geolocation on Chrome 5 +

There is a crosshair icon at the right hand side of the location bar. If geolocation is disabled this will have a red "x". Click this icon, select "Clear these settings for future visits" and reload the Upweather.com page.

Re-enabling Geolocation on iPhone or iPad 3.0 +

If you allow or disallow geolocation on an iPhone it will eventually remember your choice. After some period of time it will ask you again but I know of no way to speed this up.